From Craft to Technology

With over 8 years of experience in building skis and snowboards, we are applying the best practices for handmade skis and snowboards, and use the top high-quality materials on the market.

What's inside

P-tex Sintered Base

Hard, high-speed base coming from a certified manufacturer in Germany. The P-TEX 5920 is one of the fastest bases on the market, covering a wide range of temperatures to ensure high speeds. Take proper care of it and you can go as fast as you can even on the sticky spring snow.

Carbon Fabrics

Carbon fabrics shipped from certified composite manufacturer in Germany. Special carbon stringers, placed on certain spots in the process of lamination. This technology gives more pop and strength to our ski and snowboards.


Our edges come straight from Innsbruck-Austria. Made from carbon steel and heat treated Rockwell 48 which is the industry standard. Our edges also have a special section, so the base sticks perfectly to the edge .

Multiaxial Glass Fabrics (long)

Glass fabrics shipped from certified composite manufacturer in Germany. We use different types of biaxial and triaxial glass fiber fabrics, so we can receive the variety of flex patterns suitable for the different types of riding. Glass fabrics also help for the torsional rigidity and reinforces the construction of the skis and snowboards.


We use high-performance specialty epoxy adhesive developed from HUNTSMAN especially for building skis and snowboards, recognized by the ski and snowboard industry for over 40 years.

Aspen, Ash woodcore

Our ski cores are made of specially selected aspen and ash trees. It gives our skis lively performance and even flex on one hand. On the other hand the core is solid and strong enough.

Aspen, Paulownia and Ash woodcore

Our snowboard cores are mixture of three types of woods - aspen, ash and paulownia. The ash and aspen give our snowboards lively performance and strength while the paulownia is added to keep the board lightweight.

White Gloss topsheet

This topsheet keeps graphic’s great look and sharp colors. Our topsheet is made of high resistant polyamide material and it comes directly from ISOSPORT Austria. It is specially treated so it bonds perfectly to the sandwich and will treasure up the soul of your skis or snowboard.

ABS Sidewalls

We use ABS for our sidewalls - it is stiffer material than most on the market and it brings more torsional rigidity, pop and durability for impact.

Binding reinforcement

A special layer of fiber is put above the core of your skis, so that the bindings are secured no matter the speed you are charging the slopes with.


INOX inserts with specific shape for better bonding with the wood core.



In order to get the best mechanical properties we use a blend of Aspen and Ash wood for our ski and Aspen, Paulownia, and Ash for our snowboards.

The Aspen is famous for its lightweight, lively flex, and strength. Ashwood is one of the most used hardwoods in the ski industry. Because of its structure and fibers, it has elasticity and strength like no other wood. The ash wood adds stiffness and more pop. The Paulownia wood (aka Karuba) is one of the lightest woods in the world, we use it for weight management.

All of the stringers run from tip to tail. The order of the stringers in our wood cores gives stability, good edge-to-edge grip, and even flex.


Our process

At Cloudnine Skis and Snowboards, we are crafting skis and snowboards by hand. Every part and component of our ski and snowboards is designed, built, and controlled by us, so it could match perfectly every specification and client’s needs.

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