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We all have wet dreams - we do! Ours are about bottomless powder and deep turns in stormy day

The Dreamland ski is crafted for the days we all dream of, with 118mm underfoot it has all you would like for the deep days. Designed with a directional twin shape this ski will give you all the playfulness you want and with its reversed core with gradual tip and tail rockers you will float effortlessly even in the deepest powder.

Directional Twin Shape

Ski shape with freestyle flavor. The tapered nose and tail are designed with a twin-like shape, giving superb agility and maneuverability. Easy engaging into the turn and effortlessly riding switch or making butters.

Rocker-Flat-Rocker | ReversedCore

Rocker-Flat-Rocker profile, designed especially for big rockered skis with the Reversed Core that perfectly matches the profile of the skis. The combination results in skis that are very nimble with ultimate floatation in the deep pow. Easily engaging into the turn with great control on it, and less demanding to ride.



Flex graph


The default flex for this model is 7. All skis could be manufactured with custom flex according to the client’s needs.

Ability level


Ability level is relatively changing with the flex rate, of the skis, although this is not the only metric.



Designed by trusted artists

Every season we are featuring 5 new graphics from Bulgarian designers.

You can select one of them, order a custom graphic from our design network or provide your own. It's your unique board after all.

For the best quality, you need vector graphics or high-resolution images - at least 10 000px in height and 300dpi.  Graphics colors may vary but don't worry, we'll be there to guide you in the process. 

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Made with the best materials and practices in the industry

With over 8 years of experience in building skis and snowboards, we are applying the best practices for handmade skis and snowboards, and use the top high-quality materials on the market.

P-tex Graphite Sintered Base

Hard, high-speed base. The P-TEX 5920 is one of the fastest bases on the market. Take proper care of it and you can go as fast as you can even on the sticky spring snow.

Carbon Layers

Special carbon stringers, are placed on certain spots in the process of lamination. This technology gives more pop and strength to our skis and snowboards.

Multiaxe Fiberglass

Fiberglass threads are orientated in different directions and at certain angles. This reduces the torsional twist and reinforces the construction of the skis and snowboards.

Aspen, Ash wood core

Our ski cores are made of specially selected aspen and ash trees. It gives our ski and snowboards lively performance and even flexes on one hand. On the other hand, the core is solid and strong enough.

White Gloss topsheet

Тhis top sheet keeps the graphic’s great look and sharp colors. Our top sheet is made of highly resistant polyamide material and will treasure the soul of your skis or snowboard.

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Thanks to the Cloudnine's ski, I was able to improve my technique, ride on many more mountains and different conditions than ever before. CLOUDNINE's uncompromising build has allowed me to have confidence in my technique and gear on every turn.

— Ignat Baikushev

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Fresh from the press
you order it, we make it

2-year warranty
We’ve got your back

Easy payment
50% now, 50% upon delivery

Retail Price

1 749 bgn

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