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If you are designing a graphic for your custom top sheet, or someone else then there are a few requirements that you need to consider before starting the creative art process.

Because of the way that skis and boards are pressed there is always slight variations from what you see on the screen and the real one. These come from heat shrinkage through the sublimation, topsheet placement, pressing heat and plenty of other variables. Because of this, it is hard to guarantee 100% exact placement, alignment and colors of the graphic, but will make sure it is as close as possible.

If you have any specific requierements like logo alignment, artwork, etc. then please get in touch with us.

Once you make your order, please contact us and we will send you a pdf/ai template with the specific shape and size of board or ski. 

Document properties

During the lay up process the topsheet is place on the sandwich in rectangular cassette covering all raw materials so you should make your art in a rectangular ratio. Once the ski/board is cured, it is trimmed to the exact shape and it is important that the art “bleed” off the template so it covers the whole shape of the ski or board once finished.

You have to keep the following things in mind:

  • Topsheet dimensions - 35cm width, ski/board length + 7cm
  • Art should be at the minimum quality of 300dpi, remember that your ski or snowboard is big and you want the graphic to look stunning.
  • File type should be TIF, PDF, PNG, PSD or AI
  • You can send your final art via email or share it through any of the cloud services

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