Inspired by those special moments

We build our products with care for the details and we gurantee that they deliver pure fun. Because everything matter - the pound of your heart, the rasping of your breath, the first tracks and the magical turns. Those moments when you are stopping at the bottom of a slope with shaking legs, smilling with your friends and gasping, “Let’s do it again!”

Vladimir Dimitrov

Professional snowboard and ski instructor

Graduated mechanical engineer, passionate about winter sports.

Miroslav Georgiev

Professional industrial designer

A professional industrial designer since 2009, experienced in transportation and product design.

Having been friends for life, we founded Cloudnine in 2014 based on our love and passion for winter sports. We wanted to create a unique feeling that something was made just for you, something that would last the test of time and give you a better riding experience and performance, no matter how dedicated you are.

Since then we have been driven to build high performance skis and snowboards proudly handcrafted and pressed by us here in Bulgaria.

Welcome to Cloudnine!

A little workshop where dreams come true.

We have dedicated our lives to winter sports For us riding is more than just a hobby – it is a thrill, passion, and lifestyle.

Our long winter journeys as riders made us more demanding of what our equipment should be.



All of our skis and snowboards are carefully designed and tested. Every shape, profile, size, and flex pattern to the smallest detail is designed by us. We believe that every ski and snowboard that we are building should have its own uniqueness and represent our vision of skiing and snowboarding.

Material selection

We use the top high-quality materials on the market that are delivered from well-known and certified manufacturers. We chose materials that match each other in the best way possible, so we can guarantee that our ski and snowboards have high performance and longevity.


From building our own wood cores to the final finishing processes every step is done and controlled by us. Through assembling and profiling wood cores form specialty selected woods, blended to deliver performance and livelily feeling. Base cutting and edge bending match perfectly every shape. To the layup process where every piece is carefully laminated with no compromises on durability.


We are taking care of all finishing processes. Cutting and grinding the unnecessary material from the pressed “sandwiches”, beveling and shaping the sidewalls, base grinding, and edge tuning. To the moment we deliver them, we want to be sure that all our skis and snowboard meet all expectations for a high-quality handcrafted product.

We are not just building skis and snowboards. We are building dreams and friendships with our clients.

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